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Wildcat Hockey Volunteers with Youth Hockey Association

Jared Lowell (left) and Scott Wilson pose for a picture with three future Wildcats.


Tucson, AZ What brings together a community? The older experienced player helping the young and the new players enjoy the sport of ice hockey. The recently formed Wildcat Youth Hockey association has paired up with the University of Arizona to bring the love of hockey, both at the college level as well as the youth level to Tucson. There is no better way to spread the love than to have the University of Arizona players and their coach help run the youth practices.

Several times a week both the experienced, not so experienced and beginners hit the ice together for an incredible hour of ice hockey. This is rarely seen in any hockey arena, and the youth program realizes how fortunate they are to have the University of Arizona involved with their program. The college players, as well as Coach Berman are giving back to their community by donating their personal time to mold these young kids in the sport of hockey. The positive presence of the University of Arizona players and Coach Berman is seen in the eyes and reactions of the children. The kids all huddle around the big guys and follow them as if they were the Pied Piper of hockey.

What a great experience for both the young and the old.

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