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'Ask Coach'

By UA Hockey, 11/04/15, 8:45AM MST


Welcome to our first monthly series we're calling, 'Ask Coach.' Fans are encouraged to email any questions to Coach Berman @

Please send us:

- Your Name.

- Where you are from.

- And your question for Coach Berman.


- Caitlyn Montes (Long Island, New York)

 Q: I am originally from Long Island, NY (Go Rangers!), I want to know what your favorite NHL team is?

A: Hi Caitlyn, my favorite NHL team is the Detroit Red Wings. It's been a good time to be a Wings fan with all of the success they have had lately, however, it tends to get  balanced out when football season begins...

- Carlos Bravo (Nogales, Arizona)

Q: I am very excited for the hockey season! I have two questions for you:

1) Will there be transportation for the fans from the University of Arizona Campus to the TCC?

2) Will ZonaZoo passes count for admissions or should i purchase tickets separately?

A: Carlos, we are very excited for the season too, I think you're really going to like the new-look team!

1) Transportation is available for fans from the University of Arizona by using the Street Car, which will take you straight to the TCC! Additionally, we have a promotion with Uber, where you can get your first ride for free by using the code: AZHOCKEY.

2) A ZonaZoo pass does not count towards UA Hockey tickets. However, there is a lot of easy ways to get tickets to upcoming Wildcats hockey games. We have student tickets for $5 at the doors and at Threads in the Rec Center.You can purchase tickets by calling: (520) 791-4101 - Option 1, or by walking up to the box office day of games. You can also purchase tickets through ticketmaster ( For any additional information regarding; singles game, season tickets, or group packages, please check out our website (

  -  Cade Scheifelbein (Peoria, Arizona)

Q: I am 14 years old, I play for Mission AZ here in Peoria, how do you recruit players? Do you have select scouts? I really want to play for the U of A when I get to that college age and level so I was just wondering.

A: Hi Cade, keep up the good work with Mission AZ, that's a great hockey program for development! There are a lot of different ways we go about recruiting. We have regional scouts in the Phoenix area, Western Canada, Chicago, and Michigan. Due to our geographic location, its not realistic for me to fly to these places frequently. Therefore, i spend a lot of time watching games online and digging up as much information about players as possible. Its not only a players ability I am interested in. I  do a lot of inquiring about kids; academic background, character, and work ethic. We want kids here who have a strong discipline for success. I am a firm believer that, "how you do anything is how you do everything." My best advice to any kid of your age is to put in the work. There is no secret to success. Every player has a story about a player they grew up playing with that became really good 'out of nowhere.' The truth is that player didn't become great 'out of nowhere,' he had the discipline to put in the work every day.