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Alumni Spotlight: Steven Reff

By UA Hockey, 07/27/16, 5:30PM MDT


Steven Reff played for the 1980 Arizona Wildcats hockey team that went on to win the Rocky Mountain Championship, finishing an impressive 17-1! Reff was named team captain while also finishing the season as the leading scorer. Since his playing days, Reff has gone on to continue his tremendous legacy with the hockey program and as an integral supporter of the University of Arizona Hockey program by serving as the faculty representative on the UA Hockey Advisory Board.

While Leo Golembeski was the first coach, Steven Reff was the originator of bringing the game of ice hockey to the Tucson Convention Center (TCC) as he became the original promoter of the first ever U of A ice hockey games at the TCC, beginning in March, 1980.  The business model was simple--bring ice hockey to a bigger arena while making an impact throughout the Tucson community--which is still the model today! 

Upon graduating from The U of A, Reff continued to promote ice hockey games at the TCC, bringing in Hollywood celebrities to play in benefit ice hockey games.  Celebrities such as Mathew Perry (Friends), Michael Keaton (Batman), former members of the 1980 U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team, Lee Marvin (he dropped the puck) have stepped foot onto the TCC in an effort to help raise money for charity events!

Reff continues to play ice hockey at age 61, having played this great game for 53 years.

Upon graduating from The U of A in 1977 and 1981, Reff has taught economics for the past 37 years.  During the past ten years, he has been an Economics Lecturer in the Economics Department at The University of Arizona, having taught nearly 10,000 U of A students.

Over this past summer, Steven Reff has officially retired from the University. On behalf of the entire University of Arizona Hockey family we would like to extend our warmest, most sincere congratulations!

“Once a Wildcat, ALWAYS a Wildcat!”