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Blake Jones

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Christopher Hedgecoke

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Kevin Bird

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Josh Larson

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Harry Concannon

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Camden Armstrong

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Cameron Teamor

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Dawson Marshall

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Bayley Marshall

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Christopher Westlund

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Matthew Hohl

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Cully Olsen

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Anthony Cusanelli

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Ben Jones

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Ethan Stahlhuth

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Justin Plumhoff

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Manny Rowe

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Jesse Lowell

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Josh Lusby

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Greg Malafronte

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Justin Dungey

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Max Meyer

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Alex Johanson

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Anthony Ciurro

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Duke Litwin

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Nolan Bivolcic

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Chad Berman

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Jim Corcoran

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Dave Dougall

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Eddie LaVella

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Dave Dougall Assistant Coach

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Dave was born in Buffalo, NY where he grew up playing youth hockey for the Wheatfield Blades. He is a devote Buffalo Sabres fan as his family holds season tickets to their games. Dave and his family moved to Tucson, AZ in 1978. He played one season of hockey in Tucson and then traveled to Phoenix to play for the Jr. Sharks. His parents logged many miles to take him to practice and games across the western states.

Dave attended Canyon Del Oro High School and graduated in 1983. He received his BS degree from the University of Arizona in Operations management in 1988. He currently works for the University of Arizona Student Unions as the C-Stores Manager. Dave has been employed at the University of Arizona since 2005 and enjoys the working environment on campus.

Dave is entering his eighth season as an Assistant Coach with Arizona Hockey. He was a member of the University of Arizona National Championship team in 1985, and was a captain for two years when he played from 1983-1987. Dougall was also named rookie of the year in 1984 and won the Best Defenseman honors twice, once in 85-86 and again in 86-87. He also won the University of Arizona's Men's Ice Hockey Athlete of the year award in 1987 and was elected to the University of Arizona Hockey Hall of Fame in 2001.

Dave is married to Pilar and they have four children, Cruz, Niko, Joey and Sienna. They have been married for 22 years as Pilar tolerates his passion for hockey and his reptile hobby. Their oldest Cruz is in the US Navy, Niko is an Assistant Coach with Tucson Soccer Academy and Salpointe Catholic High School, Joey plays youth soccer and baseball while Sienna is involved with the performance arts.